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National Wildlife Refuge

A red prairie lily grows tall among the green and golden brown grasses of the tallgrass prairie.
9754 143 ½ Ave. S.E.
Cayuga, ND   58013
E-mail: tewaukon@fws.gov
Phone Number: 701-724-3598
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Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge protects northern tallgrass prairie, one of the most threatened ecosystems in North America.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Porcupine grass, big bluestem, Indian grass, switchgrass, and cordgrass are common native plants. Bobolink, upland sandpipers, and other wildlife species are dependent on these prairie grasses.

Refuge wetlands provide habitat for migrating shorebirds as well as waterfowl. Blue-winged teal, mallard, gadwall, and northern pintail are some of the more common species that nest on the Refuge.

Refuge activity peaks during spring and fall migration when vast flocks of migrating ducks, Canada geese, and snow geese concentrate on the open bodies of water. Bald eagles follow the flocks feeding on the weak and injured birds.

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