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J. Clark Salyer
Wetland Management District

Yellow wildflowers dot the shoreline of a deep blue wetland on J. Clark Salyer Wetland Management District.  Waterfowl can be seen swimming in the wetland.
681 Salyer Road
Upham, ND   58789
E-mail: jclarksalyer@fws.gov
Phone Number: 701-768-2548
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The vast wetlands of J. Clark Salyer Wetland Management District provide breeding and nesting habitat for thousands of waterfowl.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Many shallow lakes and small potholes are found in this geological formation. Uncleared uplands in the Turtle Mountains are made up of green ash, burr oak, aspen, and various shrubs.

The Souris Lake Plain contains the largest relatively unfragmented tract (about 1 million acres) of northern mixed-grass prairie in North Dakota. This area contains some of the highest quality waterfowl habitat in the Prairie Pothole Region (as many as 180 nesting duck pairs per square mile). This area also has a high number of Bird Conservation Areas. One hundred forty-eight migratory bird species breed within the area. The North Dakota Natural Heritage Inventory has identified 19 rare animal and 35 rare plant species within the Souris Lake Plain.

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