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Grasses and prairie wildflowers blanket the rolling hills at Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge.  The grasses come in many hues, from dark green to golden brown.
8315 Hwy 8
Kenmare, ND   58746
E-mail: Lostwood@fws.gov
Phone Number: 701-848-2722
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Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge is an ocean of grasslands with wetlands scattered throughout the landscape.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Wildflowers tint the sea of green with a rainbow of colors from spring through fall. Native plant species in the mixed-grass community include western snowberry, needle grasses, wheat grasses, blue grama, and plains muhly. Still, grassland communities are very dynamic; they fluctuate in response to climate, soils, and a variety of disturbances.

Though the 2,000 potholes scattered throughout the Refuge are not good fish habitat, they provide excellent nesting and brood-rearing habitat for waterfowl and other water birds. This region is known as the "duck factory" of world. Nowhere else are habitat conditions so conducive for waterfowl production.

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