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Wetland Management District

Dark green plants ring the shoreline of a wetland at Arrowwood Wetland Management District.
7745 11th Street SE
Pingree, ND   58476
E-mail: arrowwood@fws.gov
Phone Number: 701-285-3341
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Wetlands protected by Arrowwood Wetland Management District provide the right combination of habitats for many waterbirds such as ducks, grebes, and herons.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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For this reason, the Prairie Pothole Region is also known as the "duck factory" of North America.

There are approximately 1,354 acres of native prairie left within the 28 waterfowl production areas on the District. However, most of the grasslands on the WPAs are either tame grasses or have been re-seeded with native plants.

A wide variety of wildlife species inhabit the WPAs on the District, including a diversity of waterfowl species, upland game birds, nesting and migratory songbirds, birds of prey, deer, and numerous fur-bearers, including mink and muskrat.

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