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National Wildlife Refuge

Purple prairie coneflowers and grasses frame a wetland nestled in the James River valley.
7745 11th St. SE
Pingree, ND   58476
E-mail: arrowwood@fws.gov
Phone Number: 701-285-3341
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Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge provides vital habitat for migrating waterfowl and other waterbirds and nesting habitat for ducks, sharp-tailed grouse and bobllink.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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The DePuy Marsh, a human-made wetland at the south end of the Refuge, contributes an additional 380 acres of wetland habitat. The 11,900 acres of uplands are comprised of native prairie, tame grasslands, wooded draws, riparian woodlands, planted dense nesting cover, and some cropland.

Wildlife is abundant and visitors are almost guaranteed a glimpse of white-tailed deer or sharp-tailed grouse. In addition, the Refuge is home to more than 200 species of birds, including bald eagles, American white pelicans, Canada geese, and upland plovers. Waterfowl abound, especially during migration, and shorebirds are plentiful in the shallow pools.

Other common species of wildlife include coyote, fox, badger, muskrat, three species of snakes, and dozens of species of butterflies. During flood years, the pools can hold large numbers of northern pike, walleye, crappie, perch, and bullhead.

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