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Red Rock Lakes
National Wildlife Refuge

Two trumpeter swans face one another as they float in a wetland, their long graceful necks forming a natural heart shape.
27650B South Valley Road
Lima, MT   59739
E-mail: Redrocks@fws.gov
Phone Number: 406-276-3536
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Wetlands at Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge provide secluded habitat for trumpeter swans, white-faced ibis, moose, and other wildlife species.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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It is this diverse, marsh-prairie-montane environment that gives Red Rock Lakes NWR its distinct character. Because of this diversity, the Refuge provides habitat for over a hundred species of birds and many rodents, carnivores, and bats.

The extensive marshes provide breeding areas for a number of waterbirds such as trumpeter swans, lesser scaup, sandhill cranes, white-faced ibis, various shorebirds, and colonial nesters. The marshes are also home to the tiger salamander, western toad, boreal chorus frog, and the Columbian spotted frog. Red Rock Lakes NWR also includes one of the two sandhills complexes in Montana and supports an assortment of shrub-steppe associated birds, invertebrates, and mammals.

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