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Eastern Neck
National Wildlife Refuge

Bald Eagles at Eastern Neck NWR
1730 Eastern Neck Road
Rock Hall, MD   21661
E-mail: r5rw_ennwr@fws.gov
Phone Number: 410-639-7056
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Bald Eagles at Eastern Neck NWR. USFWS/Heffley/2007
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Eastern Neck NWR's fields and waterways host huge numbers of overwintering waterfowl. Rafts of ruddy ducks, canvasbacks, and scaup have extended over two miles during winter peaks. Rare and endangered species frequent the refuge, including 12 species identified on the Partners In Flight watchlist and 49 species of concern.

Wildlife monitoring is performed by staff, partners, and a growing coalition of "citizen-scientists."

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