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Panther Swamp
National Wildlife Refuge

12595 MS HWY 149
Yazoo City, MS   39194
E-mail: yazoo@fws.gov
Phone Number: 662-836-3004 office
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Refuge habitat types are dominated by bottomland hardwood forest interspersed with sloughs, intermittent drains and shallow depressions which are characterized by cypress, tupelo gum, buttonbush, water elm, swamp privet and willow. The major forest species include cottonwood, willow and sycamore along stream banks; sweetgum, green ash, sugarberry, American elm and Nuttall oak on the intermediate flats; willow oak and water oak on the ridges and overcup oak and bitter pecan on the low lying flats. A breakdown of land types includes 5,321 acres of wetlands, 11,732 acres of croplands, 705 acres of grasslands, 19,991 acres of hardwood forests, and 252 acres of administrative areas.

Seasonally flooded impoundments, or moist-soil units, provide feeding and resting areas for waterfowl and shorebirds, while acting as "filters" to improve surface and groundwater quality. Public hunting for various game species helps manage wildlife populations at healthy levels and provides excellent recreational opportunities.

The Corps of Engineers (COE) owns 7,067 acres within the acquisition boundary of the refuge, primarily in the Big Twist area. These lands were set aside as bottomland hardwood forest mitigation for the Corps' Upper Yazoo Basin Project, and as such the entire tract must be maintained in bottomland hardwood habitat. A perpetual agreement between the COE and Fish & Wildlife Service assigns the Fish & Wildlife Service with management responsibilities for the Big Twist area.

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