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Upper Ouachita
National Wildlife Refuge

11372 Highway 143
Farmerville, LA   71363 - 0201
E-mail: northlarefuges@fws.gov
Phone Number: 318-726-4400
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Bald eagles, like this parent and chick on Upper Ouachita, are making a comeback on North Louisiana NWRs.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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During winter, tens of thousands of ducks and geese utilize the refuge for loafing, foraging and to form pair bonds. Mallards, green-winged teal, wood ducks, and gadwall are the most common ducks seen here. However, wigeons, pintails, shovelers, ring-necked ducks, and hooded mergansers are regularly spotted. Snow and white-fronted geese winter in large numbers on the Mollicy Unit of Upper Ouachita NWR. Wood ducks, hooded mergansers, mottled ducks and the occasional black-bellied whistling duck can be seen during the summer months.

The endangered red-cockaded woodpecker resides on the western side of Upper Ouachita NWR. Red-cockaded woodpeckers require large stands of old pine (> 75 years) trees. Prescribed burns are conducted to provide the open, park-like forest these woodpeckers need. Without fire in their habitat, these birds will eventually abandon the area. Habitat loss/degradation and demographic isolation are the biggest threats to this species.

The threatened Louisiana black bear is making a come back thanks to many federal, state, and private partners. As the population increases, more bears are being seen on Upper Ouachita NWR. Black bears have large home ranges and can travel many miles in a day. In these parts, bears primarily forage on berries, acorns, fruit, fish, and insects. During late winter, bears will den in hollow trees or make a ground nest. When the females leave the den in spring, they will often emerge with two young cubs born during hibernation.

Please refer to the bird and mammal lists for a compilation of species found on the refuge.

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