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National Wildlife Refuge

6772 Highway 76 South
Stanton, TN   38069
E-mail: hatchie@fws.gov
Phone Number: 731-772-0501
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Numerous cutoffs of the Hatchie Scenic River have formed scenic lakes which provide fishing as well as great habitat for wintering flocks of mallards.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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This habitat provided them with many of the necessities needed in their daily lives. Generations have lived to the rythm of the river-transporting, logging, farming, hunting and fishing. Today, over 95% of this wetland habitat has been cleared for agriculture and other purposes. Only about one million acres of good quality bottomland forest now remains for the fish, wildlife and people so dependent on this type of habitat.

Over 9,400 acres of bottomland forest remain at Hatchie NWR and still function as a natural forested woodland, much as it did during pioneer times. The bottomland forest still slows ravaging flood waters, filters sediment to improve water quality, and produces immense amounts of timber.

To supplement natural foods for waterfowl and other wildlife, the refuge manages 400 acres of shallow-flooded impoundments and 40 acres of native prairie grasses.

It also provides a winter home for migrating waterfowl and a place for people to appreciate and enjoy a part of our great natural heritage. This seasonally flooded, lowland forest ecosystem with its abundant fish and wildlife is one of the many features that make Hatchie such a special place for wildlife and people.

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