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Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin
National Wildlife Refuge

Grove Plantation House, built in 1828, is the headquarters and office for the Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin NWR.
8675 Willtown Road
Hollywood, SC   29449
E-mail: acebasin@fws.gov
Phone Number: 843-889-3084
Visit the Refuge's Web Site:
Refuge Headquarters - Grove Plantation House (Staff Photo)
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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The units are further broken down into sub-units with the Edisto unit containing Jehossee Island and the Grove Plantation tract, and the Combahee unit containing the Bonny Hall, Combahee Fields and Westvaco sub-units. Presently at 11,719 acres, the refuge may encompass 18,000 acres upon completion of additional purchases.

The Refuge hosts a wealth of wildlife resources, including such endangered and threatened species as bald eagle, woodstork, osprey, and shortnose sturgeon. Wood storks are commonly seen feeding in refuge impoundments along with other water birds including herons, egrets, and ibis. American alligators are frequently seen sunning on the dikes or the edge of the water, and snakes and lizards are commonly seen during the warmer months. Refuge impoundments are managed for wintering waterfowl during the colder months, and neotropical migrants can be seen passing through the refuge in large numbers in the spring and fall. Other commonly seen wildlife species include raccoon, bobcats, otter, deer, opossums, foxes, and feral hogs.

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