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National Wildlife Refuge

male wood duck on the water
Route 97/78
Havana, IL   62644
E-mail: emiquon@fws.gov
Phone Number: 309-535-2290
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Waterfowl such as wood ducks feed and rest at the refuge during migration.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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The refuge restored the 387-acre Wilder Tract, the 40-acre Bellrose Unit, and the 80-acre Spoon River Oxbows to shallow wetland habitat. These units usually provide excellent habitat for the spring migration but are often dry during fall migration. Acquisition of a critical parcel of private land could greatly facilitate water management on these units.

The refuge also restored 100 acres of bottomland hardwoods and 80 acres of native grassland habitat on Emiquon Refuge. The refuge is in the process of restoring the 712-acre South Globe Drainage District to a semi-permanent marsh.

Once restoration is complete on lands owned by the Service and the Conservancy, the land will return to life and support a vast array of invertebrate, fish, and wildlife communities not seen in this area for nearly 100 years. This project is the most significant habitat restoration project in the Midwest.

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