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Wetland Management District

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22274 615th Avenue
Litchfield, MN   55355
E-mail: litchfieldwetland@fws.gov
Phone Number: 320-693-2849
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The Litchfield Wetland Management District manages over 40,000 acres of marsh, prairie, transition, and woodland habitats.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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WPAs of the district range in size from 16 to 1144 acres and can also vary greatly in vegetation and wetland components. Combined, they contain a collection of ecologically important wetland and grassland habitats, including prairie, and provide food and shelter for a myriad of wildlife species.

Wetland complexes which contain a variety of wetland types and sizes are a main component of WPAs and adjacent habitats. These wetlands provide habitat for waterfowl such as mallards, blue-winged teal, and Canada geese, which are abundant during spring and fall migration periods. These species reproduce on lands within the district.

Many other species rely on these areas as well. Non-game bird species such as northern harriers, red-winged blackbirds, sedge wrens, song sparrows, eastern bluebirds, American kestrels, killdeer, Virginia rails, and many others are common throughout the district. Resident species which utilize WPA habitat include mammals such as white-tailed deer, beaver, raccoon, coyote, mink, shrews, etc.

Amphibians and reptiles observed within the district include tiger salamander, leopard frog, western chorus frog, painted turtle, snapping turtle, garter snake, and smooth green snake, among others. Thirty-five Federally endangered, threatened, or special concern species and one hundred thirty-six State-listed species, including the bald eagle and trumpeter swan utilize district habitat.

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