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Las Vegas
National Wildlife Refuge

This photo montage is comprised of images of a scenic vista, a rock  home ruin on the Gallinas Nature Trail, a visitor birdwatching, and a yellow-headed blackbird.
Route 1 Box 399
Las Vegas, NM   87701
Phone Number: 505-425-3581
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Common scenes at Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Northern harriers hover over marshes in search of voles. Bald Eeagles haze rafts of ducks and coots in search of prey. Wild turkeys wander the pinyon-juniper woodlands. Pronghorn blend into native prairies home to badgers and burrowing owls. Mule deer find shelter in timbered, sandstone canyons. Coyotes roam across every habitat.

Birds winging north and south along the Central Flyway add to the refuge bird wealth. The Las Vegas NWR bird list records 271 species, many that ebb and flow with the seasons. Out of the list, 80 species nest here and 50 of those are neotropical migrants, birds that spend winters south of the U.S. The refuge's 14 species of raptors glide through during their spring and fall migration. Viewers might see three or four hawk species on a typical fall day visit.

Migrating shorebirds, like long-billed dowitchers and sandpipers, probe the mudflats in early fall and spring. Some 20 bald eagles spend winters here, attracted by open waters and hundreds of ducks and geese. Mallards, canvasbacks, and wigeons peak in October and November. You'll find highest numbers of ruddy ducks, northern shovelers, northern pintails, and gadwalls in March and April. For best sandhill crane and Canada goose watching, visit in fall and winter.

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