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National Wildlife Refuge

12000 South Refuge Road
Tishomingo, OK   73460
E-mail: kris_patton@fws.gov
Phone Number: 580-371-2402
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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During fall and spring migration, pelicans, grebes, ducks, herons, sandpipers, gulls, and numerous upland birds can be found at the refuge. Summer birds may include egrets, herons, and woodland birds. Over 275 bird species have been recorded in this area. White-tailed deer, cottontail, and fox squirrel are plentiful, and signs of numerous raccoon and beaver are abundant near sources of water. Skunk, opossum, and armadillo are other common mammals.

The host of microscopic organisms in Cumberland Pool waters support an amazingly large fish population, including several species popular with sportsmen -- crappie, sand bass, channel catfish, flat-headed catfish, and blue catfish.

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