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Ozark Plateau
National Wildlife Refuge

Bats in Oklahoma are insect eaters.  Most only measure three inches in length with wingspans of about 10 inches.
16602 CR 465
Colcord, OK   74338
E-mail: Shea_Hammond@fws.gov
Phone Number: 918-326-0156
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Ozark Plateau NWR encompasses caves that are the maternity sites for Ozark big-eared bat and offer protection to the gray bat.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Continuous stands of mature forests managed through an ecosystem approach are also beneficial to other forest species. Various species of migratory birds rely on interior forests for nesting habitat. Ecosystem management also allows for diverse floral communities to flourish. Game species such as deer and turkey also thrive in this environment. Though the goal of the refuge is to protect cave and karst species, management of the refuge through an ecosystem approach benefits all its inhabitants.

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