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Buffalo Lake
National Wildlife Refuge

P.O. Box 179
Umbarger, TX   79091
Phone Number: 806-499-3382
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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After years of observation and recording, birdwatchers have tallied some 300 species of birds at the refuge. Buffalo Lake NWR rests in the Central flyway, a route through the central U.S. followed by migratory birds winging between tropical wintering and U.S. nesting areas. Flocks of warblers, flycatchers, tanagers, orioles, and sparrows pass through the refuge each spring and fall. Many spring arrivals remain to nest in the shoreline trees, the refuge riparian habitat.

The honks and quacks of thousands of waterfowl fill the frosty winter air. Look for plentiful numbers of Canada geese, mallards, green-winged teal, northern pintail and American wigeon on Stewart Marsh.

The rolling grasslands harbor a 100-acre, black-tailed prairie dog town. Where there are prairie dogs, you'll also find mountain plovers nesting in the grasses kept clipped and short by prairie dogs. Burrowing owls depend on these towns for burrows. Grasshopper sparrows, Cassin's sparrows, lark sparrows, and lark buntings find food and shelter here, too. Golden eagles glide by and even a peregrine falcon might streak overhead in search of an easy meal.

Anywhere in any season on the refuge, you might spot mule and white-tailed deer, pheasants, bobwhite quail, cottontail rabbits, and coyotes. Wild turkeys tend to stay closer to the woodlands.

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