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National Wildlife Refuge

American alligators take refuge at many of the National Wildlife Refuges in the southeast United States.
P.O. Box 278
4017 FM 563
Anahuac, TX   77514
Phone Number: 409-267-3337
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American alligators are common inhabitants in the sloughs at Anahuac NWR.
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Roseate spoonbill, great egrets, snowy egrets, white-faced ibis, and white ibis are just some of the long-legged waterbirds that can be seen on ponds, rice fields, and moist soil units throughout the refuge. Listen and look closely on Yellow Rail Prairie for the secretive yellow rails that winter in the salty prairies.

During spring and fall migrations, warblers, and other songbirds can be seen or heard on walks in small wooded areas throughout Anahuac NWR. The willows near Shoveler Pond, the salt cedar hedgerow north of Teal Slough, and the narrow hackberry woodland along East Bay Bayou offer some of the best birding opportunities in the area.

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