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Hakalau Forest
National Wildlife Refuge

60 Nowelo Street, Suite 100
Hilo, HI   96720 - 2469
E-mail: Jim_Kraus@fws.gov
Phone Number: 808-443-2300
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Habitats include grassland and open woodland at the highest elevations which are frequented by the kolea (golden plover), the pueo (Hawaiian short-eared owl), the Eurasian skylark, and eight species of introduced game birds.

Below about 5,500 feet, the majestic koa and red-blossomed 'ohi'a trees form a closed canopy forest with an understory of native trees, shrubs and ferns. Here Hawaiian honeycreepers, including the 'i'iwi, 'apapane, and 'amakihi, are abundant.

Even the rare and endangered 'akia pola'au (hammerhead), 'akepa (Hawaii creeper), and i'o (Hawaiian hawk) can be found, along with the more common 'elepaio and oma'o.

At elevations below about 4,000 feet, bogs, fern patches and scrubby rain forest dominate the terrain which is dissected by numerous deep gulches. Few native birds are found at the lower elevations because of mosquito-borne diseases such as avian malaria.

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