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National Wildlife Refuge

Near Dededo, GU   
E-mail: Joseph_Schwagerl@fws.gov
Phone Number: 671-355-5096
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Introduced wild pigs and deer, overhunting, and habitat loss from human development are also factors in the decline and loss of Guam's native plants and animals. Soil erosion, pollution, and overfishing seriously impact Guam's coral reefs. The refuge provides essential habitat for native plants and animals. The overlay refuge hosts the last remaining colonies on Guam of the endangered island swiftlet, Mariana fruit bat, and Mariana crow. Wetland sites on overlay refuge provide habitat for the endangered Mariana common moorhen. The refuge at Ritidian Point was one of the last areas on Guam to lose the native forest birds to the brown tree snake and has retained nesting green turtles and foraging fruit bats.

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