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Rose Atoll
National Wildlife Refuge

About 2,500 miles south of
Honolulu, HI   
E-mail: Susan_White@fws.gov
Phone Number: 808-792-9560
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Buka trees provide crown nesting sites for red-footed boobies and great and lesser frigatebirds. Black noddies and white terns use middle and lower branches. Reef herons and red-tailed tropicbirds nest in the root systems. Sooty terns and brown noddies nest in barran coral rubble and gray-back terns nest on unvegetated Sand Island.

Hundreds of fish, coral, and invertebrate species inhabit the shallow reefs. One of these, the giant clam, is highly prized as food by Pacific Islanders and is rare in unprotected areas.

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