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Jarvis Island
National Wildlife Refuge

1,300 miles south of
Honolulu, HI   
E-mail: Pacific_Reefs@fws.gov
Phone Number: 808-792-9560
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Most spectacular has been the rapid resurgence of blue noddies. None were found breeding until 1982, when one nest was located. By 2004, 650 were observed, making Jarvis one of the largest blue noddy colonies in the world.

The three most numerous breeding seabird species at Jarvis are the sooty tern, brown noddy, and masked booby. The Phoenix petrel is considered a bird on National Conservation Concern, while the Polynesian storm-petrel and blue noddy are Birds of Conservation Concern at the regional level. Other seabird species include gray-backed terns, shearwaters, red-footed boobies, brown boobies, masked boobies, lesser and great frigatebirds, and red-tailed tropicbirds.

Four migratory shorebird species have also been recorded at Jarvis; most common are the Pacific golden plover and bristle-thighed curlew, both considered species of High Concern in the national priority scheme for shorebirds. Jarvis provides crucial wintering habitat and may serve as a rest stop for arctic-breeding shorebirds wintering farther south.

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