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Great River
National Wildlife Refuge

black-crowned night heron perched in tree
County Road 206
Annada, MO   63330
E-mail: greatriver@fws.gov
Phone Number: 573-847-2333
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The Great River Refuge has been designated as a globally important bird area and provides habitat for birds such as this black-crowned night heron.
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Long Island - Deer, small game, furbearer and turkey hunting is allowed in accordance with Illinois State seasons and regulations. Waterfowl and coot hunting is permitted ONLY from blinds constructed on sites posted by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Fox Island - Antlerless deer hunting is allowed during the antlerless-only portion of the Missouri State fireams deer season. All State regulations apply to this hunt. Turkey hunting is open during the state spring season, in accordance with State regulations; fall hunting is not authorized. The refuge is closed to night-time hunting of furbearers. State seasons and regulations apply for other upland game except that the division is closed to all public entry from October 16 through December 31 to provide sanctuary for migrating waterfowl.

Delair - Muzzleloader deer hunting is allowed by special permit only. The refuge is closed to all other hunting activities.

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