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The desert tortoise is one of the animals that has adapted to desert living.
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Desert Tortoise
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Hunting of doves and cottontail rabbits in Pintail Slough Management Unit is permitted only in September. Pits/permanent blinds are not permitted. Decoys must be removed at the end of each day. Permits are required for waterfowl hunting in Pintail Slough. Hunting is permitted only on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays. Entrance to Pintail Slough is permitted only from the designated parking areas. There is currently no camping opportunities at the Refuge. Fires are prohibited. Non-toxic shot is required. Closed areas are closed to ALL hunting. Area designated "Closed Area" in Topock Marsh is closed to all entry from October 1 to January 31. The only exception is through traffic on the Levee Road and entrance to Topock Farm observation tower parking lot. West boundary of "Topock Marsh Closed Area" is the Arizona shoreline of the Colorado River.

The Pintail Slough Management Unit will be open to hunting on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays only. This unit is comprised of all refuge land north of the North Dike, and west of State Road 95.

All species of animals and plants are protected. Only species listed in these regulations may be taken. Note that lengths of some hunting seasons may vary from those designated by states.

Big Game Hunting of desert bighorn sheep is allowed on a permit basis. Permits will be issued by the Arizona Game and Fish Department through a formal permit application and computer drawing.

Migratory Birds (Arizona - California) Dates, daily bag and possession limits will be in accordance with respective state regulations except that mourning doves may be taken in Pintail Slough only in the September season.

Quail and Cottontail Rabbits (Arizona - California) Dates, daily bag, and possession limits will be in accordance with respective state regulations, except during designated waterfowl seasons.

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