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National Wildlife Refuge

961 E Minidoka Dam Rd.
Rupert, ID   83350 - 9414
E-mail: jeffrey_krueger@fws.gov
Phone Number: 208-436-3589
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Ducks, geese, coots, mergansers, snipe, pheasants, gray partridge, grouse, and cottontails may be hunted. Dates, hunting hours, and bag limits for these species correspond to Idaho regulation, except that upland game bird and rabbits may be hunted on the refuge only if the Idaho seasons for waterfowl are both open. The refuge is closed to all hunting when the Idaho waterfowl season is closed.

From October to January, vehicles within the refuge hunting areas must be parked in designated parking areas. All hunters must carry a valid Idaho hunting license and all required Idaho and Federal stamps, validations, and permits. Approved nontoxic shot is required for hunting all species. Hunters or their dogs may retrieve downed game only within designated hunting areas. Hunters are not allowed to enter areas closed to hunting to retrieve game. The use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited.

Portable or temporary blinds may be used. Blinds will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Portable blinds must be removed at the end of the day. Rock piles above the high water mark may not be used for blind construction. Digging pit blinds and the use of live or standing vegetation are prohibited.

Hunting is permitted only in the two designated hunting areas.

Access to the West Hunting Area (Lake Walcott) is permitted only via Bird Island Road. Hunting and retrieving are allowed only in upland areas and over water within 100 yards of the shoreline. No hunting is allowed on the islands in Lake Walcott. Boats may be used to retrieve downed birds.

Boat travel is permitted in the East Hunting Area (Tule Island) during the waterfowl season only. Boat access from downstream (the Gifford Springs area) is prohibited. Boat access is upstream from Massacre Rocks State Park, or car-top boats can be launched at the hunting area. Hunting access is via the frontage road at the Coldwater Interchange of Interstate 86.

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