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Moapa Valley
National Wildlife Refuge

9 miles east of Glendale in
Clark County, NV   
Phone Number: 702-515-5450
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In the Moapa Valley today, the nearby Moapa Band of Paiutes and their relations continue Nuwuvi cultural traditional and spirit of place. Generations of Nuwuvi have respectfully used the plants growing on the stream banks and upland desert, including the area now designated as Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Along with early American explorers, the late 1800s brought Mormon settlers to the Moapa Valley. The majority of settlements were established in the lower Muddy River system for farming and ranching activities in the floodplain. As development continued, streams were diverted and channelized. Throughout the early 1900s, Moapa dace were still common.

From the 1970s to the early 1990s, the spring and stream systems on Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge were operated as public and private resorts (7-12 Warm Springs Resort and the Desert Oasis Warm Springs Resort) with concreted swimming pools, hot tubs, and waterfalls that were typically chlorinated for recreational use, as well as recreational vehicle hook-ups. Numerous parcels from 1979 to 2006 were acquired from willing sellers to form the current 116-acre Refuge. The Fish and Wildlife Service, in partnership with local citizens, local water agencies, non-profit organizations, and county, state and federal officials, removed the structures and restored the spring and stream systems to benefit the Moapa dace and other aquatic species.

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