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The importance of the Green River to this area is readily apparent. Lush trees grow along the river showing off their fall colors, but the rest of the view is dry, arid land.
HC 69 Box 232
Randlett, UT   84063
E-mail: ouray@fws.gov
Phone Number: 435-545-2522 Ext. 11
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The Green River transports water from the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado to this arid area, creating an oasis for wildlife on Ouray National Wildlife Refuge.
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In 1964, the Flaming Gorge Dam became operational upstream from the Refuge and changed the natural flow of the Green River, degrading the riparian habitat on the Refuge. Dikes and levees were constructed on the Refuge in an attempt to gain control over the seasonal water flow of the river and provide more permanent waterfowl habitat.

Refuge management philosophy has shifted in recent years from an aggressive water retention program to more of a natural flooding process. While providing habitat for waterfowl is still an important objective, protecting the riparian corridor and floodplains for all wetland and riparian birds, fish, mammals, and native plants is also important.

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