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Monte Vista
National Wildlife Refuge

Cattails line the shores of a large wetland at Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge.  In the distance, dark storm clouds roll in over the mountains.
9383 El Rancho Lane
Alamosa, CO   81101
E-mail: alamosa@fws.gov
Phone Number: 719-589-4021
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Wetlands found at Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge are part of the most important habitat in Colorado for waterfowl and shorebird populations.
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Declining waterfowl wintering habitat and crop depredation by waterfowl prompted the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission to create Monte Vista NWR in 1952. Alamosa NWR was established in 1962 to serve as another link in a chain of wetland habitat along the Central Flyway. In 1979, the two Refuges were combined administratively into the Alamosa-Monte Vista NWR Complex.

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