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National Wildlife Refuge

Three young black-tailed prairie dogs survey their surroundings from an entrance to their burrow.
702 East Xavier Road
Kirwin, KS   67644
E-mail: kirwin@fws.gov
Phone Number: 785-543-6673
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Black-tailed prairie dogs influence the lives of many prairie animals, including birds of prey, other small mammals, and snakes.
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Ducks and geese, now attracted to the Refuge in great numbers, were uncommon here until large reservoirs were built in the early 1950s for irrigation and flood control. Kirwin NWR, the first national wildlife refuge in Kansas, was established in 1954 as an overlay project on a Bureau of Reclamation irrigation and flood control reservoir. The Bureau owns the land and controls reservoir water levels, while the Refuge staff manages all other activities on the land and water.

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