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Wetland Management District

A female gadwall swims with her duckling.  Female gadwalls are mottled brown in color to help camouflage them during nesting season.
44401 134A St.
Waubay, SD   57273
E-mail: waubay@fws.gov
Phone Number: 605-947-4521
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Waubay Wetland Management District provides prime breeding and nesting habitat for a variety of waterfowl species.
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In 1934, Congress passed the Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act, which required all waterfowl hunters to purchase a Federal Duck Stamp. Approximately 98 cents of every dollar collected goes into a fund to purchase wetlands and other wildlife habitat. In 1958, the Act was amended to provide for the purchase of "waterfowl production areas," small parcels of land purchased to provide nesting habitat for waterfowl.

Waterfowl production areas are small but important parts of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Wetland management districts were created in 1962 to manage waterfowl production areas. Waubay WMD includes the very first waterfowl production area - McCarlson WPA, acquired in January 1959 from Arnold and Lydia McCarlson.

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