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Upper Souris
National Wildlife Refuge

Standing among the among the golden-brown prairie grasses, two sharp-tailed grouse display their purplish neck sacks to each other during the spring mating season .
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Berthold, ND   58718
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During early spring, male sharp-tailed grouse display to each other. The females watch and then select their mate.
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As water levels dropped in the region, duck populations fell to all time lows. Conservationists began to act to try to reverse this trend.

In 1935, J. Clark Salyer pursued a plan to develop three refuges on the Souris River drainage. Upper Souris NWR was developed to provide a 2-year supply of water to downstream J. Clark Salyer NWR. From 1935 to 1941, the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Project Administration provided large labor forces on the Refuge, building dikes, roads, fences, and water control structures on the Refuge. In the 1990s, Lake Darling dam, located on the Refuge, became an integral part of the Souris River Flood Control Project that assists in providing 100-year flood protection for the City of Minot.

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