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Wetland Management District

A male and female pintail swim across a wetland.
1 First Street SW
Kulm, ND   58456
E-mail: kulmwetlands@fws.gov
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The habitats found in Kulm Wetland Management District provide vital nesting habitat for many waterfowl species, including the northern pintail.
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Various ridges, hills, plains, and depressions were left as the ice melted. Blocks of ice melted in the glacial sediment and created a wealth of depressions that are wetlands today. Grasses and forbs quickly colonized the area after the glaciers retreated. Native people hunted the migratory birds and large herds of bison.

The area was forever altered by the influx European immigrants. Today, the bison are gone and the native people have been displaced. A wide variety of migratory birds still remain, using the area for breeding, nesting, and migration stopovers.

Since the passing of an amendment to the Migratory Bird Hunt Stamp Act in 1958, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) has purchased numerous grassland tracts in areas of high wetland density. In 1970, Kulm WMD was formed by the Service to consolidate and manage those tracts in LaMoure, Logan, McIntosh and Dickey Counties.

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