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Devils Lake
Wetland Management District

A small flock of redhead ducks takes flight from a wetland.  The male redheads have a crimson-colored head and a bluish-gray beak with a black tip. The females are brown.
221 2nd Street West
P.O. Box 908
Devils Lake, ND   58301
E-mail: devilslake@fws.gov
Phone Number: 701-662-8611
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The Devils Lake Wetland Management District protects the last remaining undrained wetland complexes in northeastern North Dakota.
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The Northeastern Drift Plain, consisting of many shallow wetlands and lakes scattered among rolling hills, covers the western two-thirds of the District. An old lake bed, a remnant of glacial Lake Agassiz, covers the Red River Valley in the east.

American Indian tribes in the region found the native grasslands and wetlands rich with wildlife. Early Euro-American settlers also found abundant wildlife, but changes in land use practices and intensive agriculture development have depleted the bison, elk, and migratory bird populations.

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