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Young ducklings sit in a grassy nest lined with their mother's downy feathers.
3275 11th St. NW
Coleharbor, ND   58531
E-mail: audubon@fws.gov
Phone Number: 701-442-5474
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The prairie pothole region provides vital waterfowl breeding habitat.
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This 2 1/2-mile long dam created a huge reservoir named Lake Sakakawea, which is 368,000 acres in size. Snake Creek NWR replaced some of the important wildlife habitat that was lost when Lake Sakakawea was filled.

In 1967, Snake Creek NWR was renamed Audubon NWR to honor John James Audubon, one of the great naturalists and wildlife painters of the 19th century. Audubon spent the summer of 1843 near this area collecting bird specimens and painting pictures of northern plains wildlife.

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