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Valley City
Wetland Management District

A waterfowl production area sign delineates this wetland as part of the Refuge System. Vegetation grows thick around this wetland, providing shelter for a variety of wildlife
11515 River Road
Valley City, ND   58072
E-mail: valleycitywetlands@fws.gov
Phone Number: 701-845-3466
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The lands and waters in Valley City Wetland Management District are managed to preserve wetland habitat and to increase the production of migratory birds, mainly waterfowl.
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Because the Drift Prairie landscape is highly fragmented, waterfowl production is often greatly limited by high numbers of predators. To help reduce the negative effect of nest predation, Valley City WMD staff use electric predator barriers. In the early 1990s, Valley City WMD staff maintained the world's largest predator exclosure fence (1,200 acres). After this fence was damaged beyond repair by the flood events of the late 1990s, the WMD staff worked with Ducks Unlimited to construct a new fence in south-central Barnes County during 2001.

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