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National Wildlife Refuge

97 Refuge Road
Limestone, ME   04750
Phone Number: 207-328-4634
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Loring Air Force Base played a key role in assuring our country's safety during the Cold War with Russia. The Strategic Air Command (SAC) was stationed here from 1950 to 1994, flying long-range bombers capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Caribou Air Force Station was a Top-Secret, self-contained base in the northeast corner of the site.

The establishment of the refuge had become the cornerstone of the community's base resue plan, and expectations are high that the Service will make the refuge more operational. Refuge operations focus on strong collaborative efforts to restore and manage refuge wildlife habitats, to provide wildlife-oriented education and recreational opportunities. Partnerships have already been formed with the Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Farm Services Agency, and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to provide technical assistance to landowners to improve habitat for fish and wildlife on over 2,000 acres of Conservation Easements already established in the area. Opportunities for more easements are positive.

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