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Fall on Umbagog Lake
2756 Dam Road (Physical Address)
P.O. Box 240 (Mailing Address)
Errol, NH   03579 - 0240
E-mail: lakeumbagog@fws.gov
Phone Number: 603-482.3415
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Umbagog Lake in Fall (Refuge Staff Photo)
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Years of work have been invested in planning to conserve wildlife and wildlife habitat in the area. Partnerships involving the states of New Hampshire and Maine, timber companies, conservation organizations, private landowners and the Service cooperatively protect important lands surrounding Umbagog Lake. On November 17, 1992, the Service purchased the first refuge and land parcel, officially establishing Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge.

The states of New Hampshire and Maine and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have all identified Umbagog Lake area wetlands as a priority for protection. In 1979 the Secretary of the Interior designated part of these wetlands as a National Natural Landmark. This designation recognized the floating bog and wetlands as a significant natural area, one of a very special group of places illustrating the diversity of the country's natural history.

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