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Moosehorn NWR was established on January 13, 1937 when the first parcel of land was acquired. On July 1, 1937, the boundary of the Baring Unit was established by Executive Order, Signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, to further the purposes of the Migratory Bird Conservation Act. It was set aside as a refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife. The Edmunds Division boundary was similarly established on August 30, 1938.

The history of the area includes the boom days of logging in the 1800's when masts of numerous lumber boats stood in the harbor at Calais. Later woodlands were cut over a second time, and forest fires swept through what is now the refuge. Several of the fires, including the last on in 1933, burned over large areas, damaging surface soil and destroying humus. Blueberries now grow on many of the burn areas. Water flowages constructed in the early logging days assisted in driving long logs to the mill. Old logging roads in the woods till provide excellent trails throughout the refuge.

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