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James River
National Wildlife Refuge

Flowerdew Hundred Road
Prince George, VA   23831
E-mail: cyrus_brame@fws.gov
Phone Number: 804 829 9020
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In addition to conserving valuable wildlife habitat, the 4,200 acre James River National Wildlife Refuge is rich in history. The refuge, prior to Federal ownership, has been occupied by prehistoric Native Americans, English settlers, colonists, Civil War troops and early residents of Prince George County. The Refuge is within two river miles of where General Grant's troops crossed the James River in his preparation for the Battle of Petersburg. The historic Jamestown Settlement (America's first town) is just 20 river miles down stream.

The Refuge protects significant national antiquities, such as Native American encampment sites, colonial homesites, and Civil War routes. More recent landowners managed the land for timber (loblolly pine) production. Hundreds of acres were clear cut just prior to Refuge establishment. Now over fifteen years old, these young forests require active management to maintain their health and value for wildlife.

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