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National Wildlife Refuge

Canada goose on water
2219 Beach Road
Meredosia, IL   
E-mail: meredosia@fws.gov
Phone Number: 309-535-2290
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Waterfowl such as Canada geese use wetlands on Meredosia Refuge during fall migration.
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This club was responsible for developing the area for waterfowl management through construction of levees, water control structures, and a network of ditches needed to transport water to sloughs and small wetlands.

The area was later purchased by club member Mr. James Anderson. Mr. Anderson stipulated in his will that, upon his death, the club and its belongings would be donated to a conservation agency for management.

In May 1972, the Anderson estate donated 1,780 acres to The Nature Conservancy for ultimate management by the Service. On May 9, 1973, the Conservancy deeded the property to the Service. Since that time, the Service has purchased additional tracts for a total of 3,582 acres. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources maintains surface water on Meredosia Lake.

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