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Wetland Management District

male blue-winged teal standing in water with cattails behind
43875 230th Street
Morris, MN   56267
E-mail: morris@fws.gov
Phone Number: 320-589-1001
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The Morris Wetland Management District protects habitat for nesting waterfowl, such as blue-winged teal.
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While the conversion of most wetlands and prairies to farm fields created a fantastically productive agricultural region, the conversion was not without some costs. Diminished wildlife populations, increased erosion, unhealthy rivers and lakes, and frequent damaging floods are all related to the loss of wetlands and prairies.

The Morris Wetland Management District was created in 1964 in response to concerns over the loss of waterfowl breeding habitat in western Minnesota. The Morris District restores and protects wildlife habitat within a broader landscape that also meets important agricultural needs.

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