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National Wildlife Refuge

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N11385 Headquarters Rd
Necedah, WI   54646 - 7531
E-mail: necedah@fws.gov
Phone Number: 608-565-2551
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The Karner blue butterfly is just one of the endangered species that call Necedah Refuge "home."
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Native Americans re-colonized on the heels of the reclining glaciers, depending upon the game and wild edibles that the land provided. Europeans settled the area, attempting to drain and farm the sandy land.

After a series of intense peat bog fires in the 1930s, many settlers abandoned the farmsteads. In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt set aside 43,656 acres as Necedah Refuge and, under the guidance of the Civilian Conservation Corps, several thousand acres of wetlands were restored. You can enjoy the wildness that was preserved by visiting Necedah Refuge.

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