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National Wildlife Refuge

36062 State Rte 14 (Milepost 36)
Stevenson, WA   98648 - 9541
E-mail: Jim_Clapp@fws.gov
Phone Number: 360-835-8767
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Lena Pierce donated the ranch was donated to the Service in 1983, and it was named the Pierce National Wildlife Refuge Refuge. Lena retained life estate until her passing in 1988. A grazing lease was attached to the original donation deed, with an additional 10-year renewal option. The lessee chose not to renew the option. Due to severe overgrazing in woodlands, the grazing program was terminated in 1996.

With an additional acquisition, the refuge is now 329 acres, providing sanctuary for wintering waterfowl such as Canada geese, ducks, and other aquatic birds.

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