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National Wildlife Refuge

12000 South Refuge Road
Tishomingo, OK   73460
E-mail: kris_patton@fws.gov
Phone Number: 580-371-2402
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Fishing with hook and line is permitted on designated areas of the refuge, subject to the following conditions:

Anglers may bank and wade fish with pole and line or rod and reel year-round in areas open for public fishing access. Anglers may use boats from March 1 through September 30 in designated refuge waters. Anglers may use trotlines and other set tackle only in the Cumberland Pool, Rock Creek, and between the natural banks of the Washita River. Anglers must attach set tackle only to anchored floats. Anglers may not use limblines, throwlines, juglines, and yo-yo's.

Anglers may not use any containers (jugs, bottles) as floats. Anglers must remove fishing tackle at the end of the boating season.

Anglers may no-wake boat fish during the boating season with line and pole or rod and reel in: a) open areas south and west of the Cumberland Pool shallow water buoy line; b) lakes south and west of the Washita River; and c) the Wildlife Management Unit.

Anglers may night fish from boat (during boating season) in the Cumberland Pool, except not in the no-wake area south and west of the buoy line. Anglers may night fish at the headquarters area, including Sandy Creek Bridge, Murray 23, Nida Point, and the Wildlife Management Unit. Anglers may take bait for personal use while fishing in the refuge in accordance with Oklahoma State law. Anglers may bow fish only in the Wildlife Management Unit. Anglers may not take fish by the use of hands (noodling) in any refuge waters.

Anglers may not take frogs, turtles, or mussels. Entry into the Cumberland Pool Wildlife Sanctuary Area is prohibited.

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