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[Laws in effect as of January 6, 1999]
[Document not affected by Public Laws enacted between January 6, 1999 and April 7, 2000]
[CITE: 16USC742a-m]


Sec. 742a. Declaration of policy

Sec. 742b. United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Sec. 742c. Loans for financing or refinancing of cost of purchasing, constructing, equipping, maintaining, repairing, or operating commercial fishing vessels or gear

Sec. 742c-1. Investment in obligations of the United States; proceeds to be used for fisheries

Sec. 742d. Investigations; preparation and dissemination of information; reports

Sec. 742d-1. Studies of effects in use of chemicals

Sec. 742e. Transfer of functions to Secretary

Sec. 742f. Powers of Secretaries of the Interior and Commerce

Sec. 742g. Cooperation with State Department

Sec. 742h. Reports on fishery products

Sec. 742i. Effect on rights of States and international commissions

Sec. 742j. Authorization of appropriations

Sec. 742j-1. Airborne hunting

Sec. 742j-2. Uniform allowance

Sec. 742k. Management and disposition of vessels and other property acquired and arising out of fishery loans or related type of activities

Sec. 742l. Enforcement authority for the protection of fish and wildlife resources

Sec. 742m. Relinquishment of exclusive legislative jurisdiction