Seal Pupping Cams on Seal Island Refuge, ME

Credit: Mother seal nurtures her new pup on Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, ME.


December 31, 2015 – During these very short days at the end of the year, seals are massing on the appropriately named Seal Island, off the coast of Maine, to breed.  The island is the largest gray seal pupping island in the Maine harbor. The organization is operating a live web cam for all of us to watch the seals through the end of February. 

The 300-pound females have one pup per year. Pups are born with a thick coat of white fur which they begin losing when they are only three weeks old. 

Live Seal cam

Slide show

BDN Maine Midcoast Blog on Seal Island web cams

Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge is a 65-acre island off the coast of Rockland, ME. It is part of Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The island habitat – closed to the public – is managed in cooperation with the National Audubon Society for colonial nesting seabirds, including large colonies of Arctic and common terns as well as common eiders, double-crested and great cormorants.  Atlantic puffins have been successfully reintroduced to the island and there is a live puffin cam for these colorful birds as well.