National Wildlife Refuge System


March 6, 2015 - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is developing a special outreach campaign for March and Women's History Month, highlighting "Women In Wildlife.” 



Rachel Carson, one of the great women scientists and conservationists, worked for the Service for 15 years as a writer. In  1962, she wrote her final book Silent Spring, which awakened society to the dangers of chemical pesticides, especially DDT. Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Maine honors her contributions to the modern environmental movement.


Other women scientists and environmentalists have made illustrious contributions to the Refuge System, including Mollie Beattie, Mardy Murie, Lucille Stickel and Helen Fenske.


Jessica Larson
Jessica Larson is a wildlife biologist at Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, MT.
Credit: USFWS

Now there are women in every capacity working for the Refuge System and the Service.
Biologists, hydrologists, law enforcement, economists, forensic specialists, firefighters... the Service has an amazing diversity of women making history in science and wildlife conservation. 


Meet many of them right here – and keep checking back as more are added to the gallery.



Last updated: March 6, 2015