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Panther and Cub at Florida Panther Refuge

A web cam captured this photo of a Florida mother moving her cub to a new den at Florida Panther Refuge.
Credit: USFWS
Florida panthers are an endangered species.Federal Wildlife Officer Russell Haskett rescued two hunters from the frigid waters of the Snake River in Idaho.
Credit: Connie Bransilver

For the first time ever, a web cam at Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge has captured photos of an uncollared Florida panther moving her kittens to a new den. These majestic cats are an endangered species with an estimated population of 100-160.

The Florida panther was eliminated over most of its historical range by the late 1800s.  Florida Panther Refuge was established in 1989 to protect the Florida panther and its habitat. By 1995, only 20 to 30 panthers remained in the wild. That year, eight female Texas cougars were relocated to south Florida to restore genetic variability to the population.  All offspring of the cougars are considered to be Florida panthers. The number of panthers tripled over the next decade. 

Florida Panther Genetic Restoration Program

Last updated: December 21, 2012