Making the Trail Safe at Kīlauea Point Refuge, HI


February 25, 2016 - The trail between the Kīlauea Point National Wildlife Refuge office, HI, and Daniel K. Inouye Kīlauea Point Lighthouse has so eroded and deteriorated that the refuge is closed to the public as the popular walking trail is being stabilized.  The trail is expected to reopen in May.

The trail work includes reinforcing the foundation and improving drainage to prevent future damage from runoff water. The new drainage system will redirect water to a new artificial pond. More information on the trails project is available here.

The refuge is closed to the public because of heavy equipment and required storage. However, visitor services staff continue to greet guests at the refuge overlook and help identify the visible, abundant wildlife.  Visitors have delighted in seeing Laysan albatross, nene with goslings and several humpback whales this month.

The Kīlauea Point Natural History Association is selling interpretive products at the refuge overlook to generate funding for research and educational programs at the refuge.


Workers build forms for a concrete curb in front of the refuge bookstore and visitor center.
Credit: USFWS

Kīlauea Point Refuge, HI, is closed while a popular trail to the lighthouse is restored.
Credit: USFWS