Expanded Hunting and Fishing Proposed for National Wildlife Refuges

Waterfowl Hunting
Photo: USFWS

A proposal to open or expand hunting and fishing opportunities at 10 national wildlife refuges has been published in the Federal Register for a 30-day comment period. 

If finalized as proposed, the rule will open or expand hunting and fishing opportunities on an additional 132,000 acres of lands and waters. New opportunities would include  opening moose hunting for the first time at Des Lacs and Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuges in North Dakota. Under the proposal, Upper Souris Refuge also would open turkey hunting for the first time. 

If finalized, the rule will bring the number of refuge units where the public may hunt up to 373 and up to 312 where fishing would be permitted. 

See the full Department of the Interior release

See Federal Register notice.